The Smart Cities Toolkit for SMART Urban Parks

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Kelsey Jessup

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Respect for Nature Is Key to World’s Water Problems, Author Says

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Mary Braswell

In the face of extreme weather, polluted aquifers, overconsumption and other urgent threats to our water supply, Sandra Postel has reason to hope. The leading authority on water sustainability has traveled the world seeking out fresh strategies to protect an ecosystem that is under attack. “Yes, the water cycle is badly broken,” she told a gathering hosted by UCLA’s Luskin Center for Innovation on Jan. 25.

How cities are using clean energy commitments to prosper

By: Jayant Kairam, Luskin Center Advisory Board Member

Cities have long been testing grounds for policy innovation. That identity is critical as we barrel headfirst into an urbanized world. As of 2014, 54 percent of the world’s population lived in urban areas, and the United Nations estimates that by 2050, over 6 billion people will live in cities.

How to Ensure the Future of Self-Driving Cars

Author : 
Gregory Pierce and J.R. DeShazo


Innovation that supports the coequal goals of efficiency, equity and the environment in the vehicle industry requires coordination across federal, state and local policy. Without coherence in regulatory intent and implementation from federal to local government agencies, self-driving cars will repeat many of the shortcomings of the two largest surface transportation technology innovations in the last century: gasoline-powered cars and clean vehicles.  

I Want My TLC: Attaining Stability in the California Renewables Market

Author : 
David Nahai, Luskin Center Advisory Board Member

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Deutsche Bank Climate Change Advisors published a study  that concluded that successful renewable energy markets offered  investors “TLC”—transparency, longevity, and certainty. The research  found that US energy policy lacked a stable and reliable set of rules.

A glaring example is Congress’ failure to extend the Production Tax  Credits for wind projects, which expire this year. Given the lead time  for such projects, the industry has been brought to a virtual standstill  because of Congress’ inaction.

Access to Technology Can Counter Sexual Exploitation

Author : 
Sarah Godoy

Written by: Sarah Godoy

7 Ways Technology is Fighting Human Trafficking

Written by: Rebecca Sadwick and Sarah Godoy

3 Easy Steps to Advance Women in Technology

Author : 
Rachel Wolfson

 Women Coming Together at #UCLAWIT


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Energy News from the Month of March

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Alex Turek


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