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January 23, 2015
David Talbot’s article “Desalination out of Desperation” (MIT Technology Review Vol. 118, No. 1) highlighted the increasing importance of developing reliable water sources to meet growing agricultural and urban water demands in California. Desalination of ocean water and agricultural runoff will provide a highly reliable source of potable water to meet these demands, though currently desalination remains expensive and energy intensive compared to Bay Delta and Colorado River water. Yoram Cohen...
November 07, 2011
L to R: Colleen Callahan, Yoram Cohen, and Cully Nordby drink water purified by Cohen's Com2RO suystem   As part of the IOES/Luskin seminar series, Yoram Cohen, Luskin Center scholar and professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at UCLA’s Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, gave participants a sneak peek into the future of distributed smart water system technology, their use, and implications.Opening his presentation, Cohen described the need for water...
May 20, 2011
 As posted in Cleantech Investment Insights, Mia Javier provides an overview of opportunities for smart water systems as well as the challenges to scaling up the companies that can bring these innovations to the market. "A dialogue has emerged among industry groups, regulatory agencies, investors and R&D communities about the importance of water innovation and innovative water resource management approaches. The tradeoff debates are becoming especially acute, particularly as they...
March 31, 2011
Luskin Center Executive Committee member H. David Nahai, former chief executive officer and general manager of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, and Gretchen McClain, president of fluid and motion control at ITT Corporation, authored the following article originally published in DailyNews Los Angeles.Today is World Water Day, a day designed to draw attention to the global water crisis and the drastic actions needed to address it. Southern California is certainly not immune to...
November 05, 2010
An article in 24/7 Wall St. ranks the ten biggest American cities that face severe water shortages. The results should make Angelenos think twice before turning on a sprinkler. In fact, the ranking should make us reconsider having so many lush lawns in such a low-rainfall city, and consider why we aren’t doing more to use and reuse the water that we do have here. The article’s first key is point is that “The water problem is worse than most people realize, particularly in several large cities...
August 02, 2010
As the Marin Independent Journal reports, desalination opponents in Northern California delivered enough signatures to place a measure on the Marin County ballot in November that if approved, would require a popular vote before any plan for a desalination plant in Marin County could move forward. The ballot initiative highlights the controversy sometimes surrounding discussions about desalination. More details at: Marin Independent Journal. Unfortunately, sometimes the nuances are lost in...
June 10, 2010
Luskin Scholar Yoram Cohen participated in the Fast Pitch Competition at the California Clean Innovation Conference, discussing “California’s Growing Thirst for Energy Intensive Clean Water.”
June 10, 2010
On Feb. 9, 2010 Yoram Cohen was appointed to the Blue Ribbon Committee for the Metropolitan Water District. The committee will work on best strategies and practices that can be applied to foster environmental stewardship, water reliability and new sources of competitive advantage for Southern California. Read the complete press release from the Metropolitan Water District.