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Developing strategies to spur renewable energy and energy efficiency in California.
Advancing policy, economic, and technological solutions that support sustainable water systems and water use behavior in California.
Supporting the transition to electric-drive, alternative-fuel, and autonomous vehicles through innovative research and decision support.
Enhancing the role of information and communications technologies in the 21st century.
Supporting efforts to create environmentally sustainable and healthy communitiesThe Luskin Center’s Urban Greening Initiative has grown from its original focus on complete streets.
Strengthening state and local governments' capacity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change.

Angela Riggio

Angela Riggio earned both her BA and MLIS at UCLA, and has been working at the UCLA Library since 1981. She heads the Scholarly Communication and Licensing unit, which is responsible for the negotiation and licensing of commercially acquired electronic resources by the Library, and for the licensing of Library-owned content to commercial industries and institutions. Scholarly Communication and Licensing staff also is responsible for much of the Library-based outreach to UCLA faculty, researchers, and students on open access, alternative publishing options, and copyright education. Angela has served on the steering group of the Digital Library Federation Electronic Resource Management Initiative,  has completed certification in Copyright Management and Leadership, and speaks frequently at conferences and workshops on scholarly communication issues involving libraries in today’s academic environment.