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Former Luskin Center affliated researchers

Allison Faris, Graduate Student ResearcherSmart Water Systems

Allison has experience in construction management and as a design engineer in the building industry. For the last eight years, she was an engineering consultant at Exponent, an engineering and science consulting firm focusing on the analysis of failures. While at Exponent, Allison's expertise was in the analysis of damages due to natural disasters, such as earthquakes, landslides and hurricanes. While at Anderson, she intends to pursue the goal of combining her engineering background with business fundamentals to make a strong business case for sustainability projects. Allison will spend the summer at Amgen as an Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) ClimateCorps Fellow, reporting to the Director of Utilities and Facilities.

Allison's work at the Luskin Center for Innovation, under the advisement of Prof. JR DeShazo, combined her civil engineering background with theory from financial analysis learned at UCLA Anderson School of Management to evaluate alternative sources of water for local municipalities.  This evaluation is based on the development of the optimum distribution of a portfolio of water sources, both currently in use and possible additional alternative sources, using a variety of criteria such as reliability and cost.  The possible sources of water include imported water, local groundwater, recycled water and water produced from desalination.  The forecast of supply capacity will incorporate the correlation of the supplies, both to each other and to itself.  The forecast will also incorporate the impact of climate change on the capacity of the relevant sources.

Darryl Yip, Graduate Student ResearcherEV & Alternative Fuels 

Darryl Yip is pursuing a Master of Urban and Regional Planning and concentrating in transportation policy and planning. At the Luskin Center for Innovation, he researches electric vehicle workplace charging costs for future workplaces and policy makers and is highly interested sustainable transportation and land use. Prior to UCLA, Darryl worked in non-profit and local government administration, including an internship on electric vehicle initiatives at the City and County of San Francisco Mayor’s Office. He graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a B.S. in Economics and Urban Studies in 2011.

Alan Kerbel, Graduate Student ResearcherEV & Alternative Fuels

Alan Kerbel is pursuing an MBA at the UCLA Anderson School of Management with a focus on sustainability (Leaders in Sustainability Certification). Prior to enrolling at Anderson, Alan spent four years as a consultant with Deloitte; first in Financial Advisory Services in tangible asset valuation and then on Strategy & Operations. During the past summer Alan interned with Sungevity, partnering with clients to develop and execute strategic alliances. Alan holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. At the Luskin Center Alan is supporting the creation of a plan to develop curricula for the emerging electric-vehicle and smart-grid industries. He is interested in the intersection of business administration and sustainability practices.


Isella Ramirez, Graduate Student Researcher, Climate Change

Isella Ramirez grew up in the City of Commerce; a community overburdened with industrial pollution just southeast of downtown Los Angeles. She is currently a UCLA Urban Planning Master’s student with a concentration in Community Economic Development. She holds a B.A in Latin American & Latina(o) Studies from Vassar College. She has extensive experience in environmental justice community organizing and policy advocacy. Her research interests revolve around identifying and implementing planning practices, tools and frameworks to more effectively be an agent of change in communities that are disproportionally negatively impacted by industrial pollution. During her time at the Luskin Center, Ramirez focused on the SB 535 Workshop, with a focus on freight transportation. 

Vicky Hsu, Graduate Student Researcher, Electric Vehicles & Alternative Fuels 

Vicky Hsu joined the Luskin Center for Innovation as a graduate student researcher in Fall 2012. Her research centers on how integrating plug-in hybrid electric vehicles can lower greenhouse gas emissions. For the past three years, she has worked as a rail design engineer for a private design firm in Los Angeles. Currently, Vicky is a first year Masters of Public Policy student at UCLA with an interest in transportation and energy policy. She holds a Masters of Engineering in Transportation and B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from MIT.

Benton Heimsath, Graduate Student Researcher, CicLAvia Researcher

Benton Heimsath is a first-year student pursuing a Masters of Urban Planning. As part of the Lewis Center's Complete Streets Initiative, he serves as lead Graduate Student Researcher on the CicLAvia Economic Impact Analysis project. He has previously worked in the District of Columbia, serving as a legislative analyst for the DC City Council's Committee on Public Works and Transportation. His interests include transportation finance and politics, and he is especially interested in research that promote bicycle and pedestrian access. He earned his Bachelors degree from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Ayala Ben-YehudaMichael Sin, Former Graduate Student Researcher, Electric Vehicle Policy & Planning

Michael Sin was a UCLA Mater of Urban Planning and REgional Planning candidate focusing on transportation policy and planning. At the Luskin Center for Innovation, Michael helped develop an electric vehicle readiness plan for the Southern California region. Michael has long been an advocate of electric vehicles, and he is particularly interested in how future iterations of EV's will fit into the sustainable mobility landscape of the future. Prior to UCLA, Michael workes as a labor organizer and held a transportation planning internship at the Los Angeles Department of City Planning. He received an undergraduate degree in Urban and Environmental Policy at Occidental College, where he spent his senior year researching the intersections of land use, environmental justice, and public health. 


Ayala Ben-YehudaAyala Ben-Yehuda, 2012 Masters Graduate, Electric Vehicle Readiness

Ayala Ben-Yehuda joined the Luskin Center staff after graduating from UCLA’s Urban & Regional Planning master’s program in 2012. She is coordinating research tasks and helping the Luskin Center write a plan for siting electric vehicle charging stations in six Southern California counties. As a student, Ayala coordinated the Luskin Center’s 2012 water policy summit, which brought together hundreds of stakeholders in the public and private sector to forge a vision for reducing Southern California’s dependence on imported water. She also interned for the City of West Hollywood’s long-range planning and mobility division, and was one of 17 Americans selected to study trans-border natural resource management in the Middle East on a State Department-sponsored fellowship. Prior to graduate school, Ayala was an award-winning reporter for Billboard magazine, National Public Radio, Southern California Public Radio, Newsday, Time Out New York and Japan's largest daily newspaper, the Yomiuri Shimbun. She is also currently working with the City of Long Beach to develop General Plan policies that promote a healthier built environment. 

Cassandra Trickett, Undergraduate Student Research Assistant, Electric Vehicles & Alternative Fuels

Cassie is assisting in research related to electric vehicle implementation and workplace charging of electric vehicles in Southern California.  She is an undergraduate in Environmental Science, with minors in Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences (AOS) and Environmental Engineering. Cassie has been involved with the Education for Sustainable Living Program’s (ESLP) Action Research Team Program for three years.  She has also worked with UCLA’s ENGAGE energy-metering project, and has interned with the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sea Otter Research and Conservation (SORAC) Program. Cassie’s interests include air and water pollution and alternative energy, and she hopes to work in improving air and water quality by promoting alternative energy and technologies. 


Tamar Sarkisian2013 Masters Graduate, Electric Vehicle Readiness

Tamar Sarkisian is helping to develop an electric vehicle readiness plan for the Southern California Association of Governments. Previously, Tamar coordinated the Luskin Center’s 2012 World Electric Vehicle and Ecosystems Conference. Tamar is a graduate student in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning. Tamar’s interests include green design and sustainable development. She received an undergraduate degree in Political Science with a minor in Urban and Regional Studies from UCLA.  She spent the latter part of her senior year interning for the Department of Planning and Policy Development at the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles. 

JonathanJonathan Overman, 2013 Masters Graduate, Electric Vehicle Readiness

 Jonathan (Jon) Overman is a Master of Public Policy Candidate 2013 at UCLA's Luskin School of Public Affairs with an emphasis on energy and transportation. At the Luskin Center for Innovation, Jon supports the Center through policy research and financial analysis on electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Southern California. Prior to coming to UCLA, Jon worked for over three years as an energy efficiency consultant at Energy Solutions in Oakland, CA.  As a consultant, Jon helped research, design, and implement energy efficiency rebate programs for electric utilities in the state of California.  Before taking the job at Energy Solutions, Jon worked as a program associate at Net Impact, a membership organization will the goal of promoting socially responsible business.  While at Net Impact, he managed two member engagement programs and hosted an educational conference call lecture series.  Jon holds a Bachelors degree in Environmental Studies with a focus on Conservation Biology from Middlebury College.


Rachel Cushing, Graduate Student, UCLA School of Public Affairs Urban and Regional Planning Program 

 Rachel is a researcher on the Complete Streets Initiative, a jointly supported initiative of the Luskin Center, Lewis Center, and Luskin Schools of Public Affairs. She is a graduate student in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning. Her focus is on promoting health through community design and transportation policy. Prior to joining the Luskin School, Rachel completed a Master of Public Health degree at UCLA with a focus on health and the built environment. She brings to the Complete Streets Initiative five years of experience in public health research and practice in both domestic and international settings, and a passion for working at the intersection of public health and urban planning.

ErinErin Steva, 2013 Masters Graduate, UCLA School of Public Affairs Public Policy Program

Erin is conducting research for the Luskin Center on solar programs. She is a graduate student in the Department of Public Policy. Prior to studying at UCLA, she worked as the Transportation Advocate and a Campus Organizer for the California Public Interest Research Group. In this role, Erin worked on creating a first-class transportation system, addressing local, state, and national transportation policies. She worked on campaigns to build high-speed rail in California, to accelerate the completion of public transportation projects in Los Angeles by 20 years, and increasing funding for public transit in San Diego County. Erin graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Minnesota in 2007.

Research StaffDaniel Moynihan, 2013 Masters Graduate, UCLA Solar Project

Daniel Moynihan is an MBA candidate at UCLA Anderson, focusing on the energy industry and the financial viability of alternative energy sources.  Prior to Anderson, Daniel worked as an electrical engineer at an aerospace firm, working with battery and solar technologies to provide electrical capacity solutions for satellite operators.  In addition, Daniel served in the U.S. Navy for over five years, including three years as a nuclear engineer.  He holds a B.S. in Systems Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy and lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Emily.

Graduate Student Researcher, UCLA Solar Project

Wayne Chomitz, 2013 Masters Graduate, UCLA Solar Project 

Wayne Chomitz is pursuing an MBA at UCLA Anderson and is focused on a career in energy. Wayne holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to Anderson, he was a scientist for a few years at a start-up company in Silicon Valley where he worked on developing cheaper, more efficient semiconductor materials for the solar industry. While at Anderson, Wayne has taken on leadership roles in the Energy Management Group (EMG) where he was a Director of External Relations during his first year and is currently a VP of Career Development. This past summer Wayne worked in a product marketing role within Intel’s Datacenter Group where he evaluated the current messaging strategy for the Enterprise segment and developed a system for tracking and analyzing key business metrics. 

Graduate Student Researcher, Electric Vehicles Policy

Thomas Gariffo, 2013 Masters Graduate, Electric Vehicle Policy 

Thomas Gariffo is researching current policies at the state level that influence electric vehicle readiness, adoption, and expansion across all 50 states, and is helping to create a resource that researchers, decision makers, and the general public can use to better understand EV policies in their state and across the country.  He is a Master’s of Public Policy candidate for 2013 with an emphasis on environment, energy, and technology.  He graduated from UC Berkeley in 2011 with a BA in Political Science and a minor in Public Policy from the Goldman School.

CristinCristin Kenyon, 2012 Masters Graduate, UCLA School of Public Affairs Urban and Regional Planning 

Cristin works as a researcher on the Luskin Center's Environmental Justice Program and Policy Evaluation Project. She is a graduate of School of Public Affairs Department of Urban and Regional Planning. Cristin received her undergraduate degree from UC San Diego in Environmental Systems. After graduating from UCSD, she spent two years teaching seventh grade science through Teach for America. During her first year at UCLA, Cristin helped plan and facilitate a student initiated graduate class "UP 298 Integrated Environmental Assessment," and she received the James Ortner Memorial Fellowship Award for academic excellence and commitment to the environment. This summer she interned for the City of Healdsburg drafting a Climate Action Plan. She currently is a Technical Services Biological Intern for the California Coastal Commission.

AlexAlex Schaffer, 2012 Masters Graduate, UCLA School of Public Affaris Urban Planning Program 

Alex is studying how noise effects passengers at transit stations located in the median of highways in the Los Angeles area, and what methods are available to reduce noise levels at these stations.  He is a Master's graduate of the School of Public Affairs Urban Planning concentrating on transportation planning and policy.  Before starting at the planning program, Alex worked for four years as a legal assistant at an immigration law firm in Los Angeles.  Alex received his BA from UCLA in Greek and Latin and then a Master's degree in Classics at the University of Virginia.  While in Virginia, he worked part-time as a bus driver, a job that spurred his interest in public transit and transportation planning.

Khadeeja Abdullah, PhD, UCLA Environmental Science and Engineering Program

When Khadeeja Abdullah was still an infant, her family experienced an environmental tragedy that is, in no small way, responsible for her being at UCLA. Abdullah was born in 1984 in Bhopal, India, two miles from the Union Carbide factory, the site of one of the largest industrial mishaps of the world. Growing up hearing firsthand accounts of all that went wrong in Bhopal during the disaster and its aftermath convinced Abdullah that she wanted to go into a career in which she could make a difference in protecting communities - particularly the less empowered - from toxic exposures.  Abdullah received her B.S. in physiology with a minor in education from UCLA. She then went on to get a Masters in Public Health in UCLA's Industrial Hygiene Program. She has worked as a researcher and health trainer for the UCLA Labor and Occupational Safety and Health Department. She also mentored students in the Occupational Health Internship Program and serves on their advisory committee. Currently she is a doctoral student in the Environmental Science and Engineering Program. As part of her research, she is continuing to pursue her goal of protecting people from toxic exposures by working with the Nanotechnology Research & Training Program and the Luskin Center in testing and developing best management practices for the new and emerging field of nanotechnology.

Annamaria Csontos, MBA, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Annamaria is pursuing her MBA at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. Prior her MBA, Annamaria worked as Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company, a top management consulting firm. During her years as a consultant, she supported clients in various functional capacities (e.g., strategy, sales and marketing, mergers & acquisitions, operations), in several industries (e.g., travel and logistics, entertainment, banking & insurance, telecom), and in several countries (e.g., U.S., Canada, Russia, India, China, Hungary, Spain, United Kingdom, Colombia). During her first year in business school, she did a Corporate Finance MBA internship with AECOM, a Fortune 500 professional, technical and management support service, and a Corporate Strategy MBA internship with Avery Dennison, a Fortune 500 global manufacturer and distributor of pressure sensitive adhesive materials, office, and paper products. In her free time, Annamaria enjoys working out and spending time with her husband and baby girl.

Annamaria is currently working with a team of four on a Luskin-supported project with the Mayor’s Office of Economic & Business Policy in studying electric vehicle market penetration and best practice EV policies for the city of Los Angeles.

Alexa EngelmanGraduate & Law Student, UCLA School of Public Affairs & UCLA Law School

Alexa is a joint law and public policy degree student at UCLA's Law School and School of Public Affairs.  She is focusing her studies on environmental law and policy, especially as it is applied to climate change and sustainability.  Alexa hopes to work at the intersection of environmental issues and social justice.   A longtime environmental advocate, Alexa worked for several years before graduate school for the Center for Environmental Health in Oakland, CA where she coordinated public interest litigation around lead in children's products and conducted state and national media communication.  She has also worked for the Natural Resources Defense Council in both Montana and Santa Monica on grizzly bear conservation and air litigation, the U.S E.P.A., the CA Attorney General's Environment and Natural Resources Sections and the White House Council on Environmental Quality.  Alexa has found connecting her love for the outdoors with her legal advocacy has been a natural fit.  At UCLA, Alexa has served as a board member of the Journal of Environmental Law and Policy, volunteers at a legal clinic on Skid Row and is in the Public Interest Law Program.

Neil LessemPhD, UCLA Department of Economics

Neil Lessem is a PhD Candidate in the department of economics at UCLA. His current research examines consumer demand for environmentally friendly or “green” products. This involves applying and extending the social science literature on pro-social choices (as opposed to pro-self) into the green product/activity realm. Neil believes economics provides a great tool set for looking at the world. To him, the core insight of economics is that people follow incentives – so to understand why people or firms are engaging in actions that lead to a poor outcome for themselves or society, we just need to understand where their incentives lie. Apart from economics, Neil enjoys mountain biking, volleyball, hiking, cycling and soccer. Originally from South Africa, Neil obtained an honors degree in business and economics at the University of Cape Town.

Max Messervy, 2011 Masters Graduate, UCLA Public Policy

Max Messervy is a Master of Public Policy Candidate, 2011, concentrating on Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Policy.  Max is employed with Eos Consulting, a firm focused on the intersection between sustainability, economic development and public policy.  Max interned at California Common Cause over the summer of 2010, developing proposals to expand voter participation and reduce the costs of LA City elections.  Prior to the MPP program, Max worked at the Consulate General of Canada, San Francisco.  Max has two academic works scheduled to be published: a policy analysis of California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard in California Policy Options 2011; and a study commissioned by the Luskin Center for Innovation on best practices for LADWP to develop and implement a cleantech investment fund and demonstration project platform, to be published next year.  Max serves as the Vice Chair for the Association of Master of Public Policy Students, and as an Advocacy Volunteer for the Venice Family Clinic.  Max has an Honors Religious Studies degree from McGill University, and grew up in the Boston area.

Nicholas Nairn-BirchPhD, UCLA Environmental Science and Engineering Program

Nicholas Nairn-Birch is doctoral student in the interdepartmental Environmental Science and Engineering (ESE) Program at the University of California Los Angeles where his studies are motivated by a cross-disciplinary approach to solving environmental problems.  Nicholas received his M.S. in Statistics from UCLA and has an undergraduate degree in engineering.  Taking an empirically driven approach, his research interests focus on the nexus of climate change governance and business strategy.  His research for Professor Magali Delmas, at the Institute of the Environment’s Center for Corporate Environmental Performance, explores the relationship between corporate climate strategies and financial performance, with a particular emphasis on the carbon footprint of the supply chain.   Nicholas was awarded the National Science Foundation Integrative Graduate Education Research Traineeship on Clean Energy for Green Industry at UCLA.  The fellowship facilitates collaborative research between a mixture of engineering, science and policy graduate students and engagement with local stakeholders with the goal of establishing Los Angeles as a center for green technology.

Hrishi Sathawane, MBA, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Hrishi is currently pursuing an MBA at UCLA Anderson School of Management (class of 2011) with a focus on Sustainability, Marketing/Strategy and International Management. He has an MS in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Photo Voltaic Solar Cells. He took leading role in organizing CleanTech conferences like Berkeley Stanford CleanTech Conference and California Clean Innovation Conference. He wants to turn his passion for CleanTech into a career by leveraging his technical and management skills to address challenges in this industry.  He worked in the semiconductor industry for ten years, where he developed from scratch a verification environment to test Flash Memory chips and managed multiple parallel projects by coordinating intercontinental teams in USA, China, Italy, Japan and India. His constant focus on improving efficiencies resulted in optimal utilization of resources and a lot of savings for the company. He has proudly served on the board of non-profits like Trikone and San Jose chapter of PFLAG.

Matt SmithMBA, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Matt Smith recently completed his MBA at UCLA, where he focused on marketing research and strategy in the clean-tech industry.  While pursuing his studies at UCLA, Matt worked for Solar and Thermal Engineering International as a business analyst, where he helped provide research and analysis of the concentrated solar energy market.  Prior to UCLA, Matt spent three and a half years with Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company working as an engineer for the missile defense system’s internal research and development team.   He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Becca Sadwick, Project Manager

My approach to developing new concepts and solutions is best captured by author Arthur Clarke, who said, "​...in the long run - and often in the short one - the most daring prophecies seem laughably conservative."​
I fell in love with public policy when I was 8, and have been driven by the fact that it's possible to form a career around helping people ever since. I have chosen to work on causes that directly impact social welfare--namely education reform and child welfare--though my interest has now shifted from the public to private sector. Although I appreciate the role public policy plays in people's lives, for the time being, the private sector seems to allow for greater autonomy and ability to implement immediate change. 
Leading the Digital Technologies Initiative at UCLA's Luskin Center for Innovation has shown me the extent to which technology plays a role in augmenting people's offline realities, as well as ways in which it can better serve the public good. I have yet to find anything more rewarding than developing innovative solutions to challenges people--especially students and children--face.

Joshua Lukens, Project Manager

Master of Public Policy candidate at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. Within the Luskin School, academic research centers on economic development and environmental policy. Specific areas of focus include bridging the gap between academia, the private sector, government, and non-profit organizations to help promote workforce development and strengthen the clean technology sector in Los Angeles. Prior to joining the Luskin School, worked as a legal analyst for Advisors LLP and performed quantitative analysis of Phase 1 environmental issues that effected real estate transactions.

Jimmy Tran , Graduate Student Researcher

Master of Public Health candidate at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. In my areas of study, I'm interested in how we can change our social and physical environment to make healthy options such as walking, biking, and other physical activity the preferred option. Other research interests and topics include: climate change and health, environmental justice, sustainable development and health, and improving active transportation access and safety in underserved communities.

Sarah Godoy , Graduate Student Researcher

In the first year field placement I practiced outpatient mental health in South LA under the guidance of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. In the summer of 2014, I traveled to India to do social work with sex workers and their children in one of India's red-light districts. My second year field placement was with Saving Innocence, a LA-based 501(c)(3), where I worked directly with domestic-born sex trafficked survivors.

Alex Turek, Project Manager, Renewable Energy Initiative and Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuels Initiative

Alex began work for the Luskin Center for Innovation in 2012 as a statistical analyst for electric vehicle research. He now currently oversees both the Sustainable Energy initiative and the Alternative Fuels initiatives with project topics that include PEV rebate design, low-income clean vehicle adoption, EVSE siting, MUD charging strategies, vehicle to grid integration, grid modernization, solar program analysis such as with feed-in tariff, net metering and community solar programs, and energy efficiency policy.

Former Student Researchers

Rhianon Anderson
Graduate Student Researcher
Digital Tech Initiative

Elizabeth Bieber
Graduate Student Researcher
Climate Change    

Shafaq Choudry
Graduate Student Researcher
Smart Water Systems Initiative 

Roshan Doolabh
Graduate Student Researcher
Digital Tech Initiative

Adina Farrukh
Graduate Student Researcher
Digital Technology  

Brittany Jang
Grant Recipient
Smart Water Systems Initiative 

Daniel Lee
Research Grant Recipient
Environmental and Education Justice

Rachel Lindt
Graduate Student Researcher
Complete Streets Initiative

Cameron Woods
Graduate Student Researcher

Ali Panjwani
Graduate Student Researcher
Sustainable Energy 
Andrew Pasillas
Graduate Student Researcher
Smart Water Systems Initiative

James Howe
Graduate Student Researcher

Miraj Shah
Graduate Student Researcher
Digital Tech Initiative    

Tamara Sheldon
Doctorate Student Researcher
EV & Alternative Fuels 

CC Song
Graduate Student Researcher
EV & Alternative Fuels   

Rongzhang Wang
Graduate Student Researcher
Complete Streets 

Joanne Wong
Graduate Student Researcher
Climate Action Initiative

Lisa Wu
Project Manager
Complete Streets

Tongxin Xu
Graduate Student Researcher
EV & Alternative Fuels 

Zita L.T. Yu
Doctorate Student Researcher
Smart Water Systems


Alternative Fuel Vehicles

L-R: Gabriela Cardozo, Debbie Iamranond, Vicky Hsu, Janet Cuanas


Building a Greener LA

L-R: Yuka Matsukawa, Saira Gandhi, Amanda Morrall


 Personal Rapid Transit

L-R: Dustin Foster, Nika Ghiyasi, Jae Lee, Anthony Ojelabi


Exploring Digital Communities in the Southern Caucasus

Loosine Vartani


Ec-certification of Natural Rubber: Demand, Supply and Adoption

Sean Kennedy


Transportation-related Pollution and Urban Design

Top L-R: Sylvia Young, Jared Hodes, Warren Tan, Kevin Qi, Sargam Saraf
Bottom L-R: Elizabeth Chen, Lisa Wu, Casey Le, Maverick Padilla
Not Pictured: Zachary Robinson


PEVs & Multi-Unit Dwellings: The Property Owner Perspective

A classification of multi-unit dwellings by state of electrical infrastructure, architectural type, and parking availability, among other variables, can reveal the cost of installing charging stations in different types of buildings and locations. This research will help property owners understand the potential cost of installations, and policymakers prioritize where and how to subsidize installations.


Management Project

PEVs and Multi-unit Dwellings: The Property Owner Perspective
(Applied Management Research Project)

A classification of multi-unit dwellings by state of electrical infrastructure, architectural type, and parking availability, among other variables, can reveal the cost of installing charging stations in different types of buildings and locations. This research will help property owners understand the potential cost of installations, and policymakers prioritize where and how to subsidize installations. This project will also explore potential cost-recovery models.

Public & Private Business Models for Different PEV Charging Environments

This project examines the value chain and competitive environment  surrounding charging station OEMs and service providers, explores the costs of charging station equipment, installation, operations, and maintenance, and looks at revenue schemes that support cost recovery. Six to eight project-level pro-forma project finance models will be developed for various station applications from the point of view of charging station owners, public stakeholders, and users.

Community Scholars and the Investment Justice Workshop

Back L-R: Tulsi Patel, Gordon Snead, Jorge Rodriguez
Middle L-R: Andres Ramos, Isella Ramirez, Delia Arriaga, Michele Prichard, Cynthia Guzman, Lizzeth Rosales
Front L-R: Melinda Parshall, Zyshia Williams, Marjorie Phan

Spatial Determinants of Los Angeles Startup Locational Choices

Rhianon Anderson, Alexa-Rae Navarro

Nini Wu, MBA, UCLA Anderson School of Management 

Nini is pursuing her MBA at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. Prior to UCLA Anderson, Nini worked in management consulting in Deloitte Consulting’s Strategy and Operations group for 4 years. As a Generalist, Nini worked on 17 projects in a variety of industries and roles, including M&A integration, business development, financial analysis, program & project management, supply chain, and business process improvements for both start-up companies and global Tier-1 players.  Prior to Deloitte, Nini interned in business development at Sony Pictures Entertainment, accounting at GLWG Wealth Management, finance at Boeing Satellite Systems, and molecular biology at the California Institute of Technology.  Most recently, Nini was an MBA summer intern working with the SVP of Corporate Strategy at Trust Company of the West in Los Angeles.  After graduation, she will continue her career in management consulting at Deloitte as a Senior Consultant.  In her free time, Nini enjoys cooking (and eating), kickboxing, and singing. She has sung at Royce Hall during her undergraduate college career at UCLA, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, but mostly in her car during long commutes in LA traffic. Nini is currently working with a team of four on a Luskin-supported project with the Mayor’s Office of Economic & Business Policy in studying electric vehicle market penetration and best practice EV policies for the city of Los Angeles.