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Graduate Research Grants

UCLA Luskin graduate students are invited to apply for a Graduate Research Grant for your capstone project. This application is jointly offered by the The Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies, Institute of Transportation Studies, the Luskin Center for Innovation, the Institute on Inequality and Democracy at UCLA Luskin, and the Canadian Studies program. 


The Graduate Research Grant program provides an opportunity for students to receive support for their theses, Applied Policy Projects (APP's), Applied Planning Research Projects (APRP's), or other capstone project specific to their department. The objective of the grant program is to support student projects that otherwise would not be possible without some financial or professional support. The award program offers: 1) budget support, 2) layout and design support, and 3) assistance with publicity and distribution of your project findings. Awards may include in-kind time provided by center staff (for purposes of layout and publicity assistance) to financial resources up to $5,000, or some combination.

Eligible and ineligible expenses:  

Graduate Research Grants may be used to cover direct costs associated with research, specifically data acquisition, software, production of final report, and undergraduate research assistance. The grants will not cover graduate student salaries, tuition remission, meals, or gift cards. The centers will consider requests for travel expenses only if travel is absolutely necessary for primary data collection purposes and if this need is well described in the application. Stipends are available for Institute of Transportation Studies projects that meet certain thematic goals.  Expenses need to be pre-approved before seeking reimbursement.  

Application deadline:   

December 16, 2018, at 8:00 PM.

To apply, complete the online form, which requires:

1) A project description that includes research plan, methodology, and importance of research (limited to 2 pages)

2) Budget template (using provided template).

3) A copy of your resume/CV.  If applying as a group, each member should provide his/her resume/CV.

4) A copy of your UCLA transcripts (unofficial copies or screenshots of online records are acceptable). If applying as a group, each member should provide his/her transcripts.