IMPACT Report 2015

IMPACT Report 2015

Luskin Center for Innovation


As the center enters its sixth year, we continue to leverage the intellectual capital of UCLA to address pressing issues. 

Motivated by the state-wide drought, the Los Angeles Times featured our Smart Water Systems initiative research in a two-part article series.  “The Los Angeles County Community Water Systems Atlas and Policy Guide” includes the most complete, publicly-accessible information ever available on L.A. County’s community water systems, highlighting water supply vulnerabilities for state and regional policymakers. 

Another major statewide development has been that nearly a billion dollars have started to flow from the newly created Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, with $2.2 billion proposed for fiscal year 2015-16.  The center has offered its research capacity to state agencies implementing programs under this fund as well as created a guide, the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Program Designs, Expenditures, and Benefits report, for regional and local policymakers who seek to compete for these precious new funds to provide local benefits to disadvantaged communities while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.   

Nationally, our Digital Technologies initiative has developed new strategies to advance women in technology, mitigate human trafficking, and advance youth Internet safety.  Google, Cisco, and are just a few of the initiative’s most recent partners.

These are highlights from just three of six of our initiative areas. In these pages we chronicle the evolution of many research partnerships as they spur innovation in sustainable energy, electric vehicles and alternative fuels, complete streets and more.

We invite you to share your ideas and to work with us in the coming year.


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