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Internship Grants

The Luskin Center occasionally provides financial support to students who work with a client organization and whose work will result in a research project that could not happen without the internship support. Internships Grants have covered part of the student's time working with the client organization, up to $4,000. The client organization should agree to match the funding providing by the Luskin Center.

1) The student must have a strong academic record and must be capable of producing professional quality research.

2) The research project must align with and help to advance a Luskin Center initiative or the broader Luskin Center mission. For information about our initiatives, visit our initiative pages.

Each application should include the following:

1) Project proposal that states your client organization, the project you will conduct for the client, the research question(s), the objective of the project, the importance and broader policy implications of the research, your methodology, and anticipated research findings.

2) A copy of your resume/CV.

3) A copy of your current UCLA transcripts (unofficial copies or screenshots of online records are acceptable).

4) Budget.

Email the application package to Colleen Callahan, deputy director, at ccallahan@luskin.ucla.edu.