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Supporting the transition to electric-drive, alternative-fuel, and autonomous vehicles through innovative research and decision support.
Developing strategies to spur renewable energy and energy efficiency in California.
Supporting the creation and implementation of state and local policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while providing local economic, environmental, and public health benefits.
Enhancing the role of information and communications technologies in the 21st century.
Advancing policy, economic, and technological solutions that support sustainable water systems and water use behavior in California.
Supporting efforts to create environmentally sustainable and healthy communitiesThe Luskin Center’s Urban Greening Initiative has grown from its original focus on complete streets.

KC McKanna

KC McKanna is a public policy graduate student at the Luskin School of Public Affairs and a student researcher at the Luskin Center for Innovation where she is focusing on the intersection of behavioral economics and environmental policy. At the Center, she is currently engaged in research to better describe how consumers respond to complex price signals for water and electricity. She plans to expand this research to identify the determinants of energy conservation and efficiency investment with an eye toward developing tools to guide utilities and policymakers.

Before coming to UCLA, KC worked as a project manager at Renewable Funding, a company that develops financing and technology solutions to transform the energy efficiency and distributed renewable energy markets. She holds a BA in Environmental Economics and Policy from UC Berkeley.