Lower Los Angeles River Revitalization

Lower Los Angeles River Revitalization

Delia Arriaga et al
An Inclusive Approach to Planning, Implementation, and Community Engagement

Full list of authors: Delia Arriaga, Ana Bonilla, Lily Brown, Paige Colton, Babak Dorji, David Fenn, Samah Itani, Kevin Johnson, Johnny Le, Alex Linz, Jacqueline Martinez, Sarah Mercurio, Uday Ram, Tony Tonnu, Julie Wedig

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The UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation provided a grant in support of this project but was not involved in the content of the report. The views expressed herein are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Luskin Center for Innovation. Any errors or ommissions are the responsiblity of the authors. 

This report was prepared for the Urban Waters Federal Partnership (the client), a member of the Lower Los Angeles River Working Group (Working Group), by students in the Masters in Urban and Regional Planning program at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. The Working Group, established by Assembly Bill 530 (AB530), is a planning body of diverse community stakeholders tasked with creating a plan for the revitalization of the Los Angeles River (LA River) from Vernon to Long Beach. At the time of this writing, the Working Group is nearly one year into the planning process.

This report examines three key issue areas: the potential for gentrification and displacement, the benefits of employing small-scale, short-term interventions, and the need for sustainable, collaborative, and inclusive governance of River planning and implementation processes. It also offers strategies to further promote equity, improve well-being, and foster engagement of communities along the Lower LA River.