Southern California Plug-in Electric Vehicle Readiness Atlas: 2017 Update

Southern California Plug-in Electric Vehicle Readiness Atlas: 2017 Update

J.R. DeShazo, Sam Krumholz, Norman Wong, Jason Karpman

This Atlas can help cities, councils of government, utilities and other public and private entities plan for the forecasted growth of electric vehciles and make informed investments in Southern California. This includes identifying potential charging infrastructure opportunities and where utility upgrades may be needed to accommodate additional electricity loads.

The document describes how many plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) are in a given neighborhood and how their spatial concentrations vary over the course of a day as their drivers travel to workplaces and retail destinations. This Atlas also projects PEVs growth over the next 10 years within neighborhoods and municipalities in each of the 15 councils of government (COGs) within the Southern California Association of Governments region. Maps highlight potential charging infrastructure opportunities and other resources that support PEV charging, such as existing publicly-accessible charging stations and stand-alone parking facilities. This spatial information enables to planners to know where PEVs are currently and where growth is likely to occur.

The document is an update to the 2013 Southern California Plug-in Electric Vehicle Readiness Atlas. The PEV market has changed considerably since the release of the 2013 report, so policymakers and planners are now encouraged to refer to this version of the PEV Atlas.

The atlas is is organized by council of government sub-regions within Southern California. Click on the image above for the full report or see the following individual sections.



PEV Growth Summary

Arroyo Verdugo Subregion

City of Los Angeles

Coachella Valley Association of Governments

Gateway Cities Council of Governments

Imperial County Transportation Commission

Las Virgenes Malibu Council of Governments

North Los Angeles County

Orange County Council of Governments

San Bernardino Associated Governments

San Fernando Valley Council of Governments

San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments

South Bay Cities Council of Governments

Ventura Council of Governments

Western Riverside Council of Governments

Westside Cities Council of Governments