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Urban greening and eco-system valuation

In recent years, momentum has grown significantly around visions for a complete, comprehensive and accessible Los Angeles River greenway. This would include a network along the entire 51 River miles of pathways and bridges for walking, biking, and equestrian use; adjacent parks and other green spaces; and neighborhood access points. Several local grassroots and government organizations have blazed a trail, despite significant obstacles, to create accessible opportunities for healthy recreation and active mobility along the River. The UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation collaborated with these forward-looking organizations to document their projects as case studies and distill practical lessons in a publically accessible how-to format. 

The UC Multicampus Research Programs Initiative has funded the Center's involvement in a project entitled Fighting Drought With Stormwater: From Research to Practice over the period 2017-2019. In this project a transdisciplinary team of senior, mid-career, and early-career researchers from the five southern California UC campuses will join forces to revolutionize the form and function of urban stormwater infrastructure in Southern California and beyond, transforming it from a leading cause of environmental degradation into a multi-functional green system that augments urban water supply, protects human and ecosystem health, minimizes flood risk, and ensures public safety.