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For Policymakers

Civic leaders partner with the Luskin Center to use the center's research to inform policy and organizational innovations. Examples of some of these civic partners are listed below. The second set of links then provides examples of the decision support tools that the Luskin Center provides for these and other leading government agencies, non-profit organizations, bussiness associations, and policymakers. Check out our publications page for more information.

Examples of Civic Collaborators (in alphabetical order, not a comprehensive list):

California Air Resources Board
California Department of Water Resources
California Energy Commission
California Public Utilities Commission
California Water Boards
California Center for Sustainable Energy
Cimate Equity Coalition
Communities for a Better Environment
Edison International
Electric Power Research Institute
Environment Now
Environmental Defense Fund
Greenlining Institute 
Liberty Hill Foundation
Los Angeles Business Council
Los Angeles City Government
Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator 
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health
Los Angeles Mayor's Office, Sustainable City pLAn
Los Angeles Sustainability Collaborative
Los Angeles Regional Collaborative for Climate Action and Sustainability
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
National Water Research Institute
South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)
Southern California Association of Governments
The California Endowment
Trust for Public Land
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Forest Service

Select Resources:

Climate Action Resources for Local Governments, including the Progress Report on Climate Action Planning in Southern California and the Guide to the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund

Renewable Energy Policy Resources for Los Angeles and California, including the Los Angeles Solar Atlas, Best Practices for Designing and Implementing a Feed-in Tariff solar incentive program, and recommendations for Achieving Proposition 39's Clean Energy Promise

Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuels Resources, including the Southern California Plug-In Readiness Plan and Atlas 

For more information, see full list of Initiatives.


Supporting the transition to electric-drive, alternative-fuel, and autonomous vehicles through innovative research and decision support.
Developing strategies to spur renewable energy and energy efficiency in California.
Supporting the creation and implementation of state and local policies, investments and plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while providing local resilience, environmental, public health, and economic benefits.
Enhancing the role of information and communications technologies in the 21st century.
Advancing policy, economic, and technological solutions that support sustainable water systems and water use behavior in California.
Supporting urban greening efforts―in public parks, streets and beyond―to restore natural processes and habitats while connecting neighborhoods to each other and their environment.


Civic leaders partner with the Luskin Center to use the center's research to.
Faculty and staff collaborate with the interdisciplinary Luskin Center.
Students from across UCLA are involved with the Luskin Center's .