UCLA Luskin staff and alum accept American Planning Association award for Living Streets Manual

UCLA Luskin staff and alum accept American Planning Association award for Living Streets Manual

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Wed, 04/17/2013 - 4:26pm

The American Planning Association (APA) has awarded the prestigious National Planning Achievement Award for Best Practice to the Model Design Manual for Living Streets (Manual). Ryan Snyder, president of Ryan Snyder Associates and alum of the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs (MA, 1985), and Madeline Brozen (UCLA MA, 2011), manager of the UCLA Luskin Complete Streets Initiative, are accepting the award at a ceremony during the annual APA national conference in Chicago on April 16.  

Ryan Snyder Associates, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, and UCLA’s Luskin Center and Lewis Center produced this manual with dozens of experts from across the country to provide guidance for cities seeking to update their existing road standard manuals with updated techniques and concepts. These techniques seek to ensure that all users of the streetscape, including pedestrians, cyclists and transit riders, can travel safely and comfortably in a transportation network that provides social, economic, and environmental benefits.

The Manual includes concepts for thinking holistically and sustainability about streetscape designs and retrofits. Colleen Callahan (UCLA MA, 2010), deputy director of the Luskin Center, managed the section with tips and tools for creating streetscape ecosystems that are socially vibrant, economically strong and environmentally sustainable.   

The Manual has generated high-level visibility from national media outlets, the US Department of Transportation and municipalities across North America. With over 15,000 hits on the manual’s website and over 7,500 downloads to date, dozens of cities across the nation are adopting the manual or customizing it to update their own guidelines. This includes areas from the Las Vegas, NV area to across the country in Broward County, Florida.

The Model Design Manual for Living Streets can be downloaded at: www.modelstreetdesignmanual.com/.

Ryan Synder and Madeline Brozen