Julien Gattaciecca

Project Manager

Email: jgattaciecca@luskin.ucla.edu

Phone: (310) 267-5435

Julien Gattaciecca is a project manager at the Luskin Center for Innovation (LCI), leading the Energy Initiative. His work lies at the intersection of energy and climate, seeking to support states like California with ambitious renewable energy, energy efficiency, and climate mitigation goals. Current research focuses on investigating the effectiveness of demand response messages, as well as the performance of  Community Choice Aggregators. He also currently leads LCI’s Cost-Benefit Analysis of AB 32’s suite of California climate measures. This study focuses on monetizing the health benefits resulting from air quality improvements due to climate change regulations. He previously was the lead author for a LCI report that estimated the financial impacts of the Cap-and-Trade Program.

Julien holds a Bachelor in Business Law, a MBA, and a Master in Environmental Sciences.  He previously worked as an investment banker in Europe and Asia, where he worked in equity capital market and cash equity trading.