Britta McOmber



Twitter: @BrittaMcOmber

Britta McOmber is a staff researcher and assistant project manager for the Luskin Center for Innovation. She supports multiple projects across several LCI initiative areas, including transportation, water, and climate. Her current research helps inform optimal incentives for zero- and near-zero vehicle adoption, and she is part of the evaluation team for the first round of grant projects funded through the Strategic Growth Council’s Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) program.

Prior to graduate school, Britta worked for a regional planning commission in Vermont. She helped build a geospatial database of drainage infrastructure and locate areas within the network that were susceptible to overload and flood hazard. While in graduate school, she continued to explore the complex intersections between climate change, flood risk, water infrastructure, and social and economic vulnerability through her thesis project, “What’s the Dam Problem?” Her work at the Luskin Center for Innovation expands on her interest in addressing issues of environmental justice and equity.

Britta earned a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from UCLA. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Geography with a focus in International Development from Dartmouth College.