Making Park Equity Real

An Evaluation of the Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Program

Author: Ariana Hernandez
A large pile of plastic waste in a landfill

The Perils of Plastic

Tracking environmental, climate, and human impacts of plastic production, use and disposal

Authors: Daniel Coffee and Richard Diaz

Wildfire and Water Supply in California

Advancing a Research and Policy Agenda

Authors: Gregory Pierce, Peter Roquemore and Faith Kearns

Evaluating the Clean Up Green Up Program

A Multi-Stakeholder Assessment of Programmatic Understanding & Alignment

Author: Monika Shankar

Keeping the Stove On

COVID-19 and Utility Debt in Communities Served by Southern California Gas Company

Authors: Paul M. Ong, Silvia González, Kelly Trumbull, and Gregory Pierce

Gas Bill Debt Disproportionately Burdens Low-Income Neighborhoods

As California’s utility shutoff ban ends, UCLA research shows where unpaid gas utility bills proliferated amid the pandemic.
In foreground, red octagonal sign reads "STOP Extreme Heat Danger" - People walk near beach in background

State can do more to protect Californians from extreme heat

Top environmental policy experts say a comprehensive approach is needed to deal with state’s deadliest global-warming side effect

Adapting to Extreme Heat in California

Assessing Gaps in State-Level Policies and Funding Opportunities

Authors: J.R. DeShazo and Lolly Lim

LCI Aims to Help Shape President Biden’s Justice40 Initiative

Report by Luskin Center for Innovation provides framework for environmental justice in disadvantaged communities.