The climate crisis is here, and we have no time to waste in taking action. We collaboratively build solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, advance local climate action and build community resilience for the challenges to come. We also help government agencies make impactful investments in climate action, using what’s worked as a model to scale up widely for a more sustainable future. 

Our Research

Heat Equity

Temperatures are rising. We conduct research to inform evidence-based governance and policy to improve heat-vulnerable communities’ health and well-being. See research findings.

Adaptation and Resilience

The climate crisis is a threat multiplier for inequality. Our research provides a guide for climate resiliency, with a focus on vulnerable populations and communities. See research findings.

Climate Investments

Our research has informed how billions of dollars from state and federal investments have flowed into communities. We work with frontline neighborhoods to track and uplift their local climate action supported by these programs. Our recommendations help scale these investments to other communities. See research findings.

Climate Policy

There is still time to curb the worst impacts of climate change. Our work helps to measure and scale California’s groundbreaking programs that reduce emissions and improve air quality. See research findings.