Transportation is a leading source of local and climate pollution. Our research helps shape policies, programs, and investments to advance an equitable transition to zero-emissions transportation.

Our Research

Clean Vehicle Policy

California is leading the transition to a zero-emissions future, and our work has helped chart the path forward. Our research on policy and incentive programs that get people out of polluting cars helps government agencies implement successful efforts across the nation. See research findings.

Electric Vehicle Planning

Widespread charging stations are key in the transition to zero-emissions transportation. Our research has helped inform where to locate charging stations across California, with a focus on workplaces, retail centers, and apartments and condos. See research findings.

Clean Mobility for
Low-Income Households

Our work helps design programs that support the transition to zero-emission vehicles for low and moderate-income households, including targeted incentives to trade in polluting cars for cleaner options. See research findings.

Sustainable Fleets
& New Mobility

Making the switch to zero-emission fleets of vehicles – like semi-trucks, city buses, delivery vans, and Ubers and Lyfts – is a priority in decarbonizing the transportation sector. We help institutions understand how to successfully transition their fleets. See research findings.

Complete and Living Streets

Complete streets prioritize safety and mobility for all – especially pedestrians and cyclists. Our toolkits help design streetscapes that are people-focused and environmentally sustainable. See research findings.