Our work has supported groundbreaking policies to advance a 100% renewable and affordable energy future. We help design successful programs to reduce energy consumption, encourage energy democracy, and accelerate the clean energy transition in a way that leaves no one behind.  

Our Research

Efficiency and Conservation

Smart thermostat

By using less energy, residents can lower their utility bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We help design and measure energy efficiency programs, with a focus on ensuring that low-income households are prioritized in the clean energy future. See research findings.

Renewable Energy

As an increasing number of states and cities move toward clean energy sources, we help create policies and programs that bring the benefits of renewable energy to all communities. See research findings.

Community Choice in Energy

A new model for energy service called community choice aggregation offers localities the flexibility to pursue renewable energy sources. As the popularity of community choice in energy is growing across the nation, we are the leading research center tracking their expansion. See research findings.