Decennial Report

Our First Decade and Future Impact

Environmental Policy Research for Healthy Communities and a Sustainable World

The Luskin Center Is Turning 10!

We had planned a party, to raise a glass with you to celebrate…

Supporting Lower-Income Households’ Purchase of Clean Vehicles

Implications From California-Wide Survey Results

Authors: Gregory Pierce, Britta McOmber and J.R. DeShazo

A COVID-19 Response Innovation Case Study

Adapting Outreach Methods to Ensure Household Transportation Benefits

Authors: Gregory Pierce and Rachel Connolly

UCLA Identifying Strategies for Carbon Neutrality in Transportation

A team of researchers from UCLA and other UC campuses will embark on a landmark study to achieve carbon neutrality

Initial Assessment of Valley Clean Air Now's Clean Car Community Clinic Initiative

Authors: Gregory Pierce and Rachel Connolly

Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach Could be Ground Zero for Zero-Emission Trucks

Electric trucks will be financially viable in the 2020s, finds UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation report that reveals...

Zero-Emission Drayage Trucks

Challenges and Opportunities for the San Pedro Bay Ports

Authors: James Di Filippo, Colleen Callahan, and Naseem Golestani

Charging Infrastructure Strategies

Maximizing the Deployment of Electric Drayage Trucks in Southern California

Authors: Libby Bradley, Naseem Golestani, Kazutaka Izumi, Kento Tanaka, and Tsuyoshi Yamakawa