We all need access to clean air and safe drinking water. But for far too long, systemic racism and underinvestment have placed low-income residents and people of color on the frontlines of environmental challenges.

We collaborate with activists leading environmental movements. Our research identifies how investments can address climate inequities, improve health outcomes for vulnerable communities, and create career-ladder opportunities in emerging job sectors.

Our Research

Climate Equity

Low-income residents and people of color are often most impacted by climate change, making it a justice imperative that government investments prioritize frontline communities. Our research helps inform how to support communities experiencing poverty and pollution, guiding billions of dollars toward underserved communities. See research findings.

Energy Equity

Energy equity child at table doing homework by light of a desk lamp

As we transition toward renewable energy, solutions must be accessible to all. Our research works to ensure that low-income residents have access to clean energy technologies like solar and home energy efficiency retrofits. We also work to keep electricity bills low, so communities are not priced out of a clean energy future. See research findings.

Heat Equity

Temperatures are rising. Our data-driven research provides communities and decision-makers a guide to mitigate the negative health impacts of extreme heat, with a focus on equity. See research findings.

Transportation Equity

Increasing access to clean transportation can improve mobility, decrease pollution and enhance economic opportunities. We help craft programs that bring the benefits of zero-emissions transportation to low-income communities. See research findings.

Water Equity

In the wealthiest state in the nation, many Californians lack access to safe drinking water. Issues like high water bills, contaminated water sources, and outdated infrastructure complicate water access, especially in low-income communities of color. Our Human Right to Water Solutions Lab collaboratively addresses the most pressing challenges in realizing safe, clean water throughout the country. See research findings.

Just Workforce

The transition toward a greener future also means the opportunity to create new workforce opportunities in the cleantech sector. Our research helps identify where job growth will happen and prioritizes new opportunities for low-income workers. See research findings.