Student Resources

Each year, dozens of students are employed by, or otherwise receive financial support from, the Luskin Center for Innovation to conduct cutting-edge research and community engagement.


The resources below include information about our job openings, grants and fellowships. The last section provides links to other student opportunities offered by our partners.

Opportunities with the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation

Our Fellowship Opportunities

The Luskin Center for Innovation offers fellowships to current UCLA students and prospective students applying to the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs.

For current students:

To enhance students’ professional development and expand their network, we offer paid, off-campus placements with community and environmental justice organizations. Recipients may also be matched with a mentor, either within or outside the host organization.

Host organizations: Two types of clients are eligible: 1) environmental-oriented civic partners invited by the Luskin Center and 2) environmental organizations identified by student applicants. The internship may be virtual or in-person, based on health guidelines and organizational needs. 

Mentors: Fellows may be matched with a mentor. The mentor could be within the host organization, helping to guide the student on their work project, in addition to providing career guidance. Or a student could be paired with a mentor outside of their host organization. The Luskin Center will try to tailor the matching process to each student’s preferences. 

Student eligibility:  Open to UCLA Luskin School students at the graduate and undergraduate levels. The fellowship program may be expanded to other students in future years but is currently designed to align with the internship/work requirements of UCLA Luskin School departments. It could be used as part of a Luskin graduate students’ capstone project. 

Award amount and expectations: Awards (via stipend) are $3,000 for undergraduates who work at least 220 hours with the client and $6,500 for graduate students who meet their department’s internship/work hour requirements. 

Criteria: The review committee will evaluate candidates based on demonstrated passion and leadership potential for environmental justice or sustainability. Applicants will be asked to provide a well-written statement that explains why the applicant wants to work with a specific organization and how doing so would advance their stated career goal. 

Application: If you are an eligible student, click HERE to apply. The application deadline is March 31st. Finalists will be contacted in April.

For prospective students:

We offer two types of fellowships to entering graduate students who are admitted to a degree program offered by the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs.

  1. The Research Fellowship for Environmental Policy Innovation is offered to prospective students with a demonstrated interest in environmental planning and policy analysis.
  2. The Research Fellowship for Environmental Justice is offered to prospective students motivated to address environmental racism and other inequities. Encouraged to apply are students of color, first-generation students, or others interested in conducting research or applied work in environmental sustainability, including but not limited to the field of environmental justice and equity.

Award value: Research Fellows receive a paid graduate student research (GSR) position at the LCI during the first year of their graduate degree program. The fellowship value is approximately $6,500 for two quarters, but sometimes more, depending on exact employment placement and project length. If funding permits, LCI may also cover tuition reimbursement. Students who receive the Research Fellowship for Environmental Justice may decide to conduct their research with a community-based organization instead of at UCLA. 

Eligibility: The fellowship is open to prospective students applying to a graduate degree program at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. 

Application process: Prospective students can apply as part of the departments’ standard degree application. Make sure to check the box indicating your interest in receiving a fellowship from the Luskin Center for Innovation. 

Our Graduate Research Grants

Applications are due December 11th, 2020 at 8:00 pm.

The Graduate Research Grant program provides an opportunity for Luskin School Graduate students to receive support for their theses, Applied Policy Projects (APP’s), Applied Planning Research Projects (APRP’s), or other capstone project specific to their department. The objective of the grant program is to support student projects that otherwise would not be possible without some financial or professional support.
The award program offers:
  1. funding for direct costs associated with the student-led research project
  2. funding to 501(c)3-6 community-based organizations involved in student-led community-driven research. This funding could be used to compensate staff for their time to assist or advise in the research and compensate community members who participate in the research as survey respondents, interviewees, or other sources of information.
  3. layout and design support, and
  4. assistance with publicity and distribution of your project findings.
Awards may include in-kind time provided by center staff (for purposes of layout and publicity assistance) to financial resources up to $5,000, or some combination.


Our Job Listings

There are no job openings at this time.

Other Opportunities and Resources

In addition to directly providing opportunities for students, the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation seeks to connect Bruins with external opportunities that can further their interest in environmental sustainability. The internships, research programs, and organizations below can provide students with opportunities to preserve and restore California’s environment.