Introducing our new events and operations coordinator, Héctor Osorio

Learn more about his roots and role at LCI

Héctor Osorio and Meyer Luskin at the February 2020 UCLA Chancellor's Leadership, Innovation, Networking, & Knowledge (LINK) lecture

Héctor Osorio and Meyer Luskin at the February 2020 UCLA Chancellor’s Leadership, Innovation, Networking, & Knowledge (LINK) lecture

By Mara Elana Burstein

The Luskin Center for Innovation (LCI) is excited to welcome Héctor Osorio as our new events and operations coordinator. He plays a pivotal role in advancing LCI’s mission through meticulous event coordination, operational excellence, and promoting a culture of engagement and collaboration with students, other scholars, and a diversity of community partners. Hector earned his BA in Sociology from UCLA.

We asked Héctor a few questions to get to know him better. Read on to learn more about him!

Why are events and operations important to you?

To me, events and operations aren’t just about logistics; they’re the heartbeat of force. My childhood was a kaleidoscope of racial-ethnic celebrations that transcended our own identities. My family also contributed to gatherings that melded humanitarian causes with political activism. These intersectional commitments taught me the art of hospitality, dialogue, and presence.

How did you first get interested in events and operations?

In my childhood, music, celebration, and meticulous organization converged. Picture a kid, eyes wide with wonder, watching his dad DJ vibrant events and his mom masterfully manage admin intricacies. I learned how the perfect note or detail could transform any moment. This fusion of creativity and precision, sparked my passion for events and operations.

What are you most looking forward to in this role?

I’m thrilled to push the boundaries of innovation, leveraging technology and new systems to enrich our engagements and research, as well as breathe new life into our workspace. I envision a place buzzing with energy, where students, researchers, donors, and partners find a warm welcome and are inspired.

What drew you to UCLA and the Luskin Center for Innovation?

UCLA was the launchpad of all my dreams and initiatives, a place where my first-generation, low-income transfer student story soared. LCI called to me like a lighthouse. Illuminated by Meyer Luskin’s ethos in a transformative lecture, I resonated with his values of innovation, community, and fostering a “place of love.”

What are a few things people should know about you?

I’m a blend of passions. I played with celebrities as a young classical musician, I’m a gardener at heart with a love for roses, and I am a wandering wonder– inspired by my journey from a humble background to exploring cultures worldwide.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I embrace an active lifestyle with gym workouts and nature trails, and I love exploring LA’s rich culinary and cultural scenes. I live to explore, to taste, to feel – embracing each moment with the curiosity of a traveler and the heart of a dreamer.

To get in touch with Héctor, contact him at or his LinkedIn.