Measuring Corporate Environmental Performance

The Trade-offs of Sustainable Ratings

Authors: Magali Delmas and Vered Doctori Blass

Bringing Solar Energy to Los Angeles

An Assessment of the Feasibility and Impacts on an In-Basin Solar Feed-in-Tariff Program

Authors: J.R. DeShazo and Ryan Matulka

Measuring Progress Towards Transportation Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) Goals

Required Actions for Successful SB 375 Implementation

Author: Juan Matute

Plug-In-Vehicle Battery Second Life

The Effect of Post-Vehicle, Distributed-Grid-Energy- Storage Value on Battery-Lease Payments

Author: Brett Williams

A Strategy for Overcoming Plug-In-Hybrid Battery Cost Hurdles in California

Integrating Post-Vehicle Secondary Use Values

Authors: Brett Williams and Timothy Lipman

Commercializing Light-Duty Plug-In/Plug-Out Hydrogen-Fuel-Cell Vehicles

"Mobile Electricity" Technologies and Opportunities

Authors: Brett Williams and Kenneth S. Kurani