When Utilities Shut Off Water for the Poor, We Are All at Risk

By Laura Feinstein and Morgan Shimabuku of the Pacific Institute,…

Community Water Systems in Los Angeles County

A Performance Policy Guide

Authors: Gregory Pierce and Kyra Gmoser-Daskalakis

Enhancing the Resiliency of L.A.'s Water Supply through Recycling

Luskin Center for Innovation is analyzing a plan to recycle all of L.A.’s wastewater by 2035, a project that could be...

LCI to Assess California's Vulnerable Drinking Water Systems for Risks and Solutions

An analysis of this scope has never been done before in the state. California is the only state to legally recognize...

Stopping the Drain on Household Budgets

Addressing Tap Water Mistrust through Affordable Premise Plumbing Investments

Author: Peter Roquemore

Tapping Out Bottled Water

An Assessment of Drinking Water Choices at UCLA

Author: Bianca Juarros

Ballast Water Management

Protecting Marine Environments in Small Island Developing States in the Pacific

Authors: Samuel Stalls, Asami Chikae, Selcan Zorlu, Shota Kenmochi

A Blue Prosperity Roadmap

Sustainable Wastewater Management Strategies for Hotels in the Kingdom of Tonga

Authors: Andy Currier, Nikitha Gopal, Ankhet Holmes, Katsura Jinda, and Miyuki Sakamoto

Analyzing Southern CA Supply Investments from a Human Right to Water Perspective

The Proposed Poseidon Ocean Water Desalination Plant in Orange County

Authors: Gregory Pierce, Nicholas Chow, Kyra Gmoser-Daskalakis, Peter Roquemore, and Nichole Heil

2017 IMPACT Report

Author: UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation