The Human Right to Water in Poor Communities of Color

Urban Disadvantaged Community Water Systems In Southern Los Angeles County

Authors: Madelyn Glickfeld, Peter Roquemore, Gregory Pierce, and Michael Reibel

EPA Used Dubious Methodology to Justify Weakening the Clean Water Act

EPA analysis assumes most states will step in to protect waterways as over half of U.S. wetlands and 35% of...

Decennial Report

Our First Decade and Future Impact

Environmental Policy Research for Healthy Communities and a Sustainable World

The Luskin Center Is Turning 10!

We had planned a party, to raise a glass with you to celebrate…

Utility Consolidation to Achieve Health Equity

This article was originally posted by the Environmental Policy…
Toddler drinking water at a day care facility

Study Aims to Bolster California’s Safe Water Efforts at Child Care Facilities

UCLA analysis offers wide-ranging guidance on state mandate to…

Reducing Lead in Drinking Water in California’s Childcare Facilities

Implications for AB 2370 Program Development from Los Angeles County

Authors: Gregory Pierce, Silvia González and Eliza Amstutz

Thirst on Campus

How can tap water be more fully utilized as the healthy and sustainable alternative to sugar-sweetened beverages?

Author: Meagan Wang

When Utilities Shut Off Water for the Poor, We Are All at Risk

By Laura Feinstein and Morgan Shimabuku of the Pacific Institute,…

Community Water Systems in Los Angeles County

A Performance Policy Guide

Authors: Gregory Pierce and Kyra Gmoser-Daskalakis