We conduct research to inform evidence-based heat governance, including policy, planning, and regulation, to protect vulnerable populations and communities. The work focuses on providing solutions to proactively address heat exposure where people live, work, and go to school — before it becomes an acute health emergency. Our research includes assessing how to make cities more heat resilient through physical interventions and adaptations to protect public health. Research areas include:

Our research is regularly covered in the news, including coverage by: CNN, LA Times, NPR, NBC, and USA Today. The work includes visuals on urban heat and cool design solutions; collaborations with artists to create “Cool” Murals and with communities on shade structures; policy briefs; data mapping tools; as well as research reports and journal articles. See examples below.

For media inquiries, please contact Dr. V. Kelly Turner:

An example of courtyard shade and a nature-based outdoor learning environment at Esperanza Elementary School, Los Angeles. Photo credit: V. Kelly Turner / UCLA Luskin.