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Ontario Together

2022 Progress Report on Implementation of the Transformative Climate Communities Program Grant

Authors: Jason Karpman, Erin Coutts, Elena Hernandez, Bo Liu, Kelly Trumbull and V. Kelly Turner

June 2022

A large pile of plastic waste in a landfill

The Perils of Plastic

Tracking Environmental, Climate, and Human Impacts of Plastic Production, Use and Disposal

Authors: Daniel Coffee and Richard Diaz

April 2022

Wildfire and Water Supply in California

Advancing a Research and Policy Agenda

Authors: Gregory Pierce, Peter Roquemore and Faith Kearns

December 2021

Adapting to Extreme Heat in California

Assessing Gaps in State-Level Policies and Funding Opportunities

Authors: J.R. DeShazo and Lolly Lim

October 2021

Making Justice40 a Reality for Frontline Communities

Lessons from State Approaches to Climate and Clean Energy Investments

Authors: Colleen Callahan, Daniel Coffee, J.R. DeShazo and Silvia R. González

October 2021

Southern California Regional Energy Needs Assessment

Authors: Kelly Trumbull and J.R. DeShazo

August 2021

Equity-Focused Heat Adaptation Strategies for Los Angeles County

Authors: Hanqing Chu, Jacqueline Adams, Jiaxin Li, and Sarah Goldmuntz

June 2021

Supporting Land Conservation in California

A Toolkit of Financial Incentives for Landowners and Communities

Author: Robyn Wong

June 2021

Fluidized catalytic cracking units at Chevron Richmond Refinery.

Economic Benefits of BAAQMD Proposed Rule 6-5

Proposed refinery pollution rule would protect community health and create jobs

Authors: Betony Jones and J.R. DeShazo

June 2021

Green Together

A Baseline Progress Report on Early Implementation of the Transformative Climate Communities Program Grant

Authors: J.R. DeShazo, Silvia R. González, Elena Hernández, Jason Karpman and Bo Liu

May 2021