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Decennial Report

Our First Decade and Future Impact

Environmental Policy Research for Healthy Communities and a Sustainable World

October 2020

Front Yards as Green Infrastructure

Fragmented Yard Ecosystems Across Single-family Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

Author: Annabelle Teresa Rosser

July 2020

Understanding the Needs of Diverse Park Users

A Briefing Paper Summarizing Results of a Visitor Survey in the Largest U.S. National Urban Park: the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Authors: Gregory Pierce, Britta McOmber, Kyra Gmoser-Daskalakis, and J.R. DeShazo

January 2020

Results of 2018 Visitor Survey and Visitor Count in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Report for the National Park Service

Authors: Gregory Pierce, Britta McOmber, Kyra Gmoser-Daskalakis, Kelsey Jessup, Joyce Thung, and J.R. DeShazo

Incentivizing Private Property Green Infrastructure

Recommendations for Los Angeles County

Author: Kyra Gmoser-Daskalakis

June 2019

2017 IMPACT Report

Author: UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation

March 2018

SMART Parks™: A Toolkit

Authors: Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, Kelsey Jessup, Rebecca Ferdman, Kyra Gmoser-Daskalakis, and Connor Hum

January 2018

Lower Los Angeles River Revitalization

An Inclusive Approach to Planning, Implementation, and Community Engagement

Authors: Delia Arriaga, Ana Bonilla, Lily Brown, Paige Colton, Babak Dorji, David Fenn, Samah Itani, Kevin Johnson, Johnny Le, Alex Linz, Jacqueline Martinez, Sarah Mercurio, Uday Ram, Tony Tonnu, Julie Wedig

June 2017

Quenching Los Angeles’ Thirst

Evaluating Policy Options for Incentive Amounts and Financial Instruments to Increased Cistern Installation in Single-Family Homes in Los Angeles

Authors: Dennis Avila, Bert Pineda, Taro Tokai, Wendy Yanan Wang

June 2017

2016 IMPACT Report

This report highlights major research findings and other top stories from the collaborative work of the Luskin Center in 2016.

March 2017