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The Role of Community Choice Aggregators in Advancing Clean Energy Transitions

Lessons from California

Authors: Kelly Trumbull, Julien Gattaciecca, and J.R. DeShazo

November 2020

Decennial Report

Our First Decade and Future Impact

Environmental Policy Research for Healthy Communities and a Sustainable World

October 2020

Supporting Lower-Income Households’ Purchase of Clean Vehicles

Implications From California-Wide Survey Results

Authors: Gregory Pierce, Britta McOmber and J.R. DeShazo

August 2020

A Scalable Model for Improving Community Access to Environmental Benefit Programs in California

Authors: Gregory Pierce and Rachel Connolly

July 2020

Reducing Lead in Drinking Water in California’s Childcare Facilities

Implications for AB 2370 Program Development from Los Angeles County

Authors: Gregory Pierce, Silvia González and Eliza Amstutz

July 2020

Front Yards as Green Infrastructure

Fragmented Yard Ecosystems Across Single-family Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

Author: Annabelle Teresa Rosser

July 2020

Border Field State Park

Opportunities for Improved Engagement Through Design Modifications

Author: Sharon Sand

July 2020

Thirst on Campus

How can tap water be more fully utilized as the healthy and sustainable alternative to sugar-sweetened beverages?

Author: Meagan Wang

July 2020

A COVID-19 Response Innovation Case Study

Adapting Outreach Methods to Ensure Household Transportation Benefits

Authors: Gregory Pierce and Rachel Connolly

June 2020

Transform Fresno

A Baseline and Progress Report on Early Implementation of the Transformative Climate Communities Program Grant

Authors: J.R. DeShazo, William Eisenstein, Jason Karpman, Britta McOmber, Kelly Trumbull, and Colleen Callahan

April 2020