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Rethinking a Digital First Sale Doctrine in a Post- Kirtsaeng World

The Case for Caution

Author: John Villasenor

June 2013

San Pedro Bay Ports Energy Baseline Study

Workshop Presentation

Author: J.R. DeShazo

June 2013

Moving Towards Resiliency

An Assessment of the Costs and Benefits of Energy Security Investments for the San Pedro Bay Ports

Authors: Ryan Matulka, J.R. DeShazo and Colleen Callahan

June 2013

2013 IMPACT Report

Authors: UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation

May 2013

PEVs: The First Three Years (of the post-modern electric-vehicle era)

U.S. PEV Sales Trends & Analysis: Dec 2010-Nov 2013

Author: Brett Williams

May 2013

Decrypting the Fifth Amendment

The Limits of Self-Incrimination in the Digital Era

Authors: Vivek Mohan and John Villasenor

April 2013

Recording Everything

Digital Storage as an Enabler of Authoritarian Governments

Author: John Villasenor

April 2013

Achieving Proposition 39’s Clean Energy Promise

Investing in Jobs, Energy Efficiency, and Renewable Resources

Authors: J.R. DeShazo, Colleen Callahan, and Elizabeth Beryt

April 2013

Clean Tech Database User Guide for Los Angeles: Excerpts from the Executive Summary

Author: Colleen Callahan

April 2013

Innovating From the Inside Out

A Policy Framework for the Los Angeles Clean Innovation Lab

Author: Max Messervy

April 2013