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Second Life for Plug-In Electric Vehicle Batteries

Effect of Grid Energy Storage Value on Battery Lease Payments

Author: Brett Williams

December 2012

Pathways to Environmental Justice

Advancing a Framework for Evaluation

Authors: Colleen Callahan, J.R. DeShazo, and Cristin Kenyon

October 2012

Engaging Municipalities

Voluntary Climate Change Action in Canada

Author: Ariela Summit

August 2012

Financial Viability of Non-Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Authors: Daniel Chang, Daniel Erstad, Ellen Lin, Alicia Rice, and An-An Tsao

August 2012

Increasing Electric Vehicle Charging Access in Multi-Unit Dwellings in Los Angeles

Authors: Judith Balmin, Greg Bonett, and Megan Kirkeby

August 2012

Plug-in Electric Vehicles in California

Review of Current Policies, PEV-Related Emissions Reductions for 2020, and Policy Outlook

Authors: Maggie Witt, Matthew Bomberg, Timothy Lipman, and Brett Williams

August 2012

Passenger Exposure to Noise at Transit Platforms in Los Angeles County

Author:  Alexander Schaffer

August 2012

Early Plug-in Electric Vehicle Sales

Trends, Forecasts, and Determinants

Authors: Brett Williams, JR DeShazo, and Ayala Ben-Yehuda

July 2012

Plug-In-Vehicle Battery Secondary Use

Integrating Grid Energy-Storage Value (Presentation)

Author: Brett Williams

July 2012

2012 IMPACT Report

Author: UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation

June 2012