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Shedding Light on Sex Trafficking

Research, Data, and Technologies with the Greatest Impact

Authors: Sarah Godoy, Rebecca Sadwick, Kathleen Baca

May 2016

Protecting the Most Vulnerable

A Financial Analysis of Cap-and-Trade’s Impact on Households in Disadvantaged Communities Across California

Authors: Julien Gattaciecca, Colleen Callahan, J.R. DeShazo

March 2016

Disparities in Drinking Water Cost Within Los Angeles County

Authors: Gregory Pierce and J.R. DeShazo

March 2016

What Are We Missing?

Rethinking Public, Private and Nonprofit Strategies to Advance Women in Technology

Authors: Rebecca Sadwick, Sophie Mako Tanaka, Adina Farrukh, Rhianon Anderson, and Kiana Taheri

March 2016

Los Angeles County Community Water Systems: Atlas and Policy Guide

Supply Vulnerabilities, At-Risk Populations, Conservation Opportunities, Pricing Policies, and Customer Assistance Programs

Authors: Gregory Pierce and Henry McCann

November 2015

2015 IMPACT Report

Authors: UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation

October 2015

Planning California Climate Investments in Disadvantaged Communities

A Guide to Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Program Designs, Expenditures, and Benefits for Disadvantaged Communities

Authors: Jeffrey L. Rabin, Colleen Callahan, J.R. DeShazo

August 2015

Guide to Design Decisions for Utility-Sponsored Community Solar

Authors: J.R. DeShazo, Alex Turek, Michael Samulon

May 2015

Resources for Women in Tech

Compiled by UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation | Special thanks to Sue Gardner

May 2015

Water Conservation Efforts

An Evaluation of the “Cash for Grass” Turf Replacement Rebate Program in Los Angeles City Council District 3

Authors: Edith Medina, Jacky Guerrero, Diego Ramirez

May 2015