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Ontario Together

2022 Progress Report on Implementation of the Transformative Climate Communities Program Grant

Authors: Jason Karpman, Erin Coutts, Elena Hernandez, Bo Liu, Kelly Trumbull and V. Kelly Turner

June 2022

Finding the Link

Evaluating the Link Program, Community Engagement, Funding Capacity and Climate Resilience

Author: Yassaman Sarvian

June 2022

Making Park Equity Real

An Evaluation of the Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Program

Author: Ariana Hernandez

June 2022

A large pile of plastic waste in a landfill

The Perils of Plastic

Tracking Environmental, Climate, and Human Impacts of Plastic Production, Use and Disposal

Authors: Daniel Coffee and Richard Diaz

April 2022

Wildfire and Water Supply in California

Advancing a Research and Policy Agenda

Authors: Gregory Pierce, Peter Roquemore and Faith Kearns

December 2021

Evaluating the Clean Up Green Up Program

A Multi-Stakeholder Assessment of Programmatic Understanding & Alignment

Author: Monika Shankar

November 2021

‘Accept Half of Something, or Nothing At All?’ Brazil’s National Solid Waste Policy and the Coalition Politics of a Blue-Brown Alliance

Author: Suzanne Calfisch

November 2021

Keeping the Stove On

COVID-19 and Utility Debt in Communities Served by Southern California Gas Company

Authors: Paul M. Ong, Silvia González, Kelly Trumbull, and Gregory Pierce

November 2021

Adapting to Extreme Heat in California

Assessing Gaps in State-Level Policies and Funding Opportunities

Authors: J.R. DeShazo and Lolly Lim

October 2021

Making Justice40 a Reality for Frontline Communities

Lessons from State Approaches to Climate and Clean Energy Investments

Authors: Colleen Callahan, Daniel Coffee, J.R. DeShazo and Silvia R. González

October 2021