Silvia R. González

Project Director, Community-Based and Environmental Equity Research


Twitter: @silvia_gee

Silvia R. González directs community-based and environmental equity research projects at the Luskin Center for Innovation, with a focus within our Water and Climate Investments programs. She brings extensive experience as a researcher and consultant with nonprofit, community-based, and government organizations on projects related to environmental equity, climate planning, and other social justice issues such as neighborhood change and gentrification, anti-displacement policies. Previously, Silvia worked as the assistant director at the UCLA Center for Neighborhood Knowledge (CNK) and the Center for the Study of Inequality. She continues to conduct research with CNK and serves as an expert with the UCLA Latino Policy & Politics Initiative. She holds a BA in Geography/Environmental Studies and a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning with a focus on Economic Development from UCLA. Silvia received her PhD from UCLA in Urban Planning in 2020.

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