UCLA to lead the new Center of Excellence for Heat Resilient CommunitiesPicture by Tambako the Jaguar

UCLA to lead the new Center of Excellence for Heat Resilient Communities

LCI receives a first-of-its-kind federal grant to help protect communities from heat dangers
Pile of Newspapers

Downsizing local news contributes to crumbling infrastructure

Study co-authored by LCI faculty director links local journalism with voter support for investments critical for climate resilience
A bus ad created for the 2023 HeatSafeLA campaign

Effectively communicating about heat risk requires deep community engagement

To reach heat-impacted communities, LCI report recommends heat communicators combine outreach strategies into targeted campaigns

2023 Impact Report: Our New Era of Shaping Effective and Equitable Environmental Policy Solutions

A brief, interactive summary of select environmental policy impacts in 2023
Student athletes sit on artificial turf football field at sunriseHarker School Staff Photographer / Wikimedia Commons

Researchers equip policymakers to protect students from extreme heat

LCI releases fact sheets and visuals to inform policy and funding decisions for heat-resilient K-12 schools
Entrance to the Luskin School of Public Affairs

Are our efforts to address climate change doomed due to partisan politics?

Democratic unity and initiative, as well as Republican states’ clean-energy markets and extreme weather, may help efforts to address climate change

The heat is rising, and UCLA research is helping L.A. respond

Environmental justice has been the cornerstone of Luskin School efforts related to the city’s hot weather policies