Our Approach

  • We advance fundamental research on the breadth and depth of solutions in each aspect of the Human Right to Water (HRW): affordability, quality and accessibility.
  • We make data and training resources collected or generated through our research more publicly available, usable and relevant.
  • We provide practical support and amplify the efforts of community, scholarly and policy partners in advancing HRW solutions.

Ongoing and Future Efforts

While we will continue partnerships with state agencies, we also intend to scale up advising to interested civic partners at all levels across the U.S.

We welcome direct feedback, prompts or partnership concepts from community-based and environmental justice organizations, agencies and the broader public. Submit your ideas using the form below.

Based on community concerns, we launched a Premise Plumbing Working Group in 2018. The group identifies causes of urban tap water distrust in the U.S., especially in under-served communities, and advances affordable solutions. Representation in the group includes academia, regulators, utilities, municipalities, local and statewide non-profits, and plumbers. More information on current projects and publicly-available resources generated from our effort can be found here.

We recently worked with collaborators at Oxford, UC Davis and UNC Chapel-Hill to publish an article in Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water, which examines the prevalence and effectiveness of four different solution types to address household drinking water affordability in the United States. We also continue to partner on water justice scholarship with colleagues at the Household Water Insecurity Experiences – Research Coordination Network, and welcome additional scholarly collaborations.

Los Angeles County Water System Governance Map

Screenshot of LA County Water Governance Map

Developed in collaboration with community-based organizations and the Water Foundation, our Los Angeles County Water System Governance Map provides information about the performance and opportunities to further democratize the county’s complex network of water systems. It builds upon research of L.A.’s 200+ water systems which showed a lack of representation and accountability to residents by the governing bodies of water systems.

This effort also serves as a model for future direct and robust partnerships with community-based organizations which are working to improve drinking water access for communities and to ensure more representation of community expertise in drinking water governance.

Recent Projects and News

Tap Water Quality and Distrust in Los Angeles County

Strategies to address premise plumbing
Someone holding a glass of water under a running faucet.

Tap Water Distrust Among Parents and Caregivers in Kern County, CA

UCLA study highlights Latinos’ distrust of tap water and solutions that could improve consumption and use of tap water by residents.

New roadmap sets forth path toward comprehensively assessing the nation’s drinking water quality for the first time

UCLA Luskin researchers and Rural Community Assistance Partnership Incorporated plan to implement the recommendations over the next five years

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We welcome direct feedback, prompts or partnership concepts from community-based and environmental justice organizations, agencies and the broader public.