Stories from the Community

This webpage provides a series of stories from residents, business owners, workers, and others, who have shaped — or been shaped by — the implementation of the Transformative Climate Communities Program (TCC). Their purpose is to be illustrative, but not exhaustive, of the ways in which TCC has touched the lives of community stakeholders.

Documenting these stories are part of UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation’s evaluation of groundbreaking progress in six TCC communities: Fresno, Ontario, Stockton, and the Los Angeles neighborhoods of Northeast San Fernando Valley, South Los Angeles and Watts.

We recently partnered with the South LA Eco-Lab and stories from their community will be coming soon…


Funding Acknowledgments

TCC is funded through California’s cap-and-trade program and administered by the California Strategic Growth Council.

Photo above: Youth painting at the Prende el Sol Community Event hosted by the Green Together Collaborative in October 2022. Courtesy of the Green Together Collaborative